Thanks for visiting Yum-na... 
This is a work in progress and not updated regularly, but I hope you can enjoy what's here and check back for updates.
I'm a writer, photographer, visual artist, performer... and music+philosophy+psychology junkie. 
I'm a #multipotentialist who juggles too many forms of expression—digital and analog:
Photo + video, paint, collage, illustration, design + typography... 
Dance, performance art, poetry, literary + nonfiction writing...
My art is the product of many experiences lived, tools learned, languages spoken, places traveled, connections made, books read, memories I suspect I invented + others I oppressed, and some odd combination of empathy + extroversion + insecurity + self-awareness + emotional intelligence + universal uncertainty...
I have a nagging curiosity. 
I rarely take no for an answer. 
And I like to ask Why?
Here comes the boring stuff... 
I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania / Wharton School with BS Economics (spec. Marketing) + BA International Relations & minors in Spanish + Fine Arts
I speak 4 languages and some regional dialects. 
I'm am an alien with (mostly) no foreign accent.
Been in the U.S. for +/- 7 years.
Currently based in Philadelphia, PA.
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